Things Ryan North Bought With My Credit Card



On 7/10, North texted me this photo:

Which clearly was a boxed array of breaded miscellaneous organs, a cup of whipped macaroni, and a little thing of zesty guacamole, right? Think again. This is an order of fried chicken from Paulette’s Original Donuts and Chicken, Leslieville’s new house of indulgence.

Judging from that Toronto Life article, Leslieville locals have gone completely berserk for this new chicken shack.

[Owner Devin] Connell is truly blown away by the response. “We’ve been selling out—doing almost 300 covers a day—from the moment we opened.”

I’m not sure what a cover is, but I do know 300 is a huge number, as long as you don’t compare it to some other bigger numbers. I wonder if Owner Devin Connell considered the consequences of her reckless entrepreneurial endeavor? Did she really think it through when she decided to drop this atom bomb of battered, savory chicken, for which she “based her recipe more on Korean fried chicken than on the dirty bird of the American South” on this sleepy hamlet known as Leslieville, Toronto, Ontario, Canada? The locals are going apeshit for this chicken. Ms. Connell. Your townspeople’s jimmies have not merely been rustled by your new establishment. Their jimmies have been ROCKED.

So naturally Ryan wanted to see what the fuss was about, sauntered down to Leslieville to wedge himself right in the craw of a 300 cover-per-day clusterfuck, and flashed my plastic to the tune of $16.60. Judging from the menu, he grabbed a Combo Chicken: 2 pieces white, 2 pieces dark, dipping sauce or rub & one small side. (He opted for the sauce over the rub, and a small mac and cheese.) But was it any good?? Hard to say. Let’s see how the readers of Toronto Life rate the dining experience.

  • Too bad it’s not awesome :( The yelp reviews say it all. BOO. - by Sally

Sally kicks off the comment section by being a massive Debbie Downer. Way to shit on everyone’s good time, Sally.

  • I dunno, Sally, while the chicken would be a very once-in-a-while treat for me, I think their cake doughnuts are delicious. I can see myself grabbing one of them and a coffee on the regular. I hope she’s successful anyway, good luck to her. - by Dizzy

Dizzy counters with a measured, reasonable perspective on the fledgling donut and chicken outfit. Too bad it turned out Diz was just feeding a troll.

  • love this place. lol i trust TL over yelp sally…;) been twice for donuts but yet to try chicken. great flavors. nothing like it in the city. love how people annonymously hate on these comment sections lol - by james t

James “Sick Burn” T illuminates Sally’s blunder of outsourcing her critical thinking to the snarky, embittered hive mind known as Notice his sly use of an ellipsis, a winking emote, and no less than two lols in his playful rebuke. Also, it seems James is becoming acquainted with the phenomenon of “anon hate” which is rampant on so many social media venues, including it seems, the comments section for bland reviews of local restaurants. James, you don’t even know the half of it. You and Sally are only a few contentious exchanges away from turning’s “THE DISH” section into a churning vortex of human dog shit. Others will leap into the fray to fight the good fight against Ms. Connell and her crimes against chicken. I hope you like hate speech, misogynistic slurs, rape “jokes”, and sentences constructed at a 5th grade level, strung together by a dude old enough to have a kid in 5th grade. Is this the battle you are prepared to wage, James? These are the fires you stoke with your mocking retort. You are opening Pandora’s Latrine.

  • I was going to check them out but too many “meh” reviews on Chowhound. And their prices are way too high for what you’re getting. - by cathie

Another jaded review-site urchin weighs in. What is Chowhound by the way? An even snootier alternative to Yelp? For the truly discriminating restaurant goer with nothing but time and crabby words to burn on the internet, but thinks Yelp is too pedestrian of an outlet. Yelp is too commercial these days, it’s not about the COMPLAINING anymore. Maybe Cathie checked a review-site that reviews review-sites, and Yelp got too many “whatever” reviews. Chowhound edged it out with a tepid chorus of “it’s alright I guess” reviews. Cathie’s acquiescence to the latter brand was absolute, and the rest was history.

  • Best doughnuts in town - by Al

Al is not messing around here, although I do suspect he may be engaging in mild hyperbole.

  • yeah. i get it. you (one person, obviously .. with 2 minutes between each comment!!!) love this place. gee, i wonder who wrote them. HAHAHAHAHHAAA!!! - by Sally

Sally, you are a fucking troll. Just GTFO.